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    Premium Overlap Panel 1524mm (5')

    A premium quality Overlap Panel which is built to last.

    Height: 1524mm (5')
    Width: 1829mm (6')

    - Fully pressure treated panels
    - Nailed construction
    - Straight-edge, horizontal, sawn-finish slats
    - Five vertical battens on both sides (approx. 18 x 38mm)
    - Framed top and bottom on both sides (approx. 18 x 38mm)
    - Finished and protected with a top capping strip
    - These panels look the same from both sides, perfect for shared boundaries
    - Manufactured in the U.K.
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    £39.26 Inc. VAT
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    Introducing the Premium Overlap Panel 1524mm (5') - Elevate Your Space with Resilience!

    Discover the embodiment of enduring quality with our Resilient 5' x 6' Premium Overlap Panel – a testament to unwavering strength and lasting charm. Elevate your outdoor ambiance and make a lasting impact with panels that seamlessly blend durability, sophistication, and practicality.


    • Height: 1524mm (5')

    • Width: 1829mm (6')

    Outstanding Features:

    Crafted to Endure: Designed with premium quality in mind, our panels are a reflection of lasting durability, built to stand firm against the tests of time.

    Comprehensive Pressure Treatment: Experience the ultimate in durability through meticulous pressure treatment, ensuring longevity that's second to none.

    Expertly Assembled: Each panel is a work of art, expertly assembled with precision and care, guaranteeing steadfast strength and reliability.

    Modern Sawn-Finish Slats: Horizontal slats featuring a sleek, straight-edge design introduce a touch of contemporary sophistication to your outdoor space.

    Enhanced Stability: Enjoy the benefit of enhanced stability with five robust vertical battens on both sides, adding an extra layer of strength and security.

    Dual-Sided Framing: Top and bottom on both sides are thoughtfully framed, enhancing the panel's structural integrity and fortitude.

    Protected to Perfection: Every panel is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, finished with utmost care and safeguarded by a top capping strip for added protection.

    Symmetry for Shared Spaces: Enjoy the seamless look from both sides, making our panels the perfect choice for shared boundaries, ensuring a harmonious appearance for all.

    Searching for fence panels in Bristol? Look no further than our Premium Overlap Panel. Elevate your property's allure while safeguarding privacy and security. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, our panels offer a lasting investment for your outdoor haven. Upgrade your space with the finest in quality and design today.

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    Products specifications
    Shape of topFlat
    TreatmentPressure Treated
    Width1829mm (6')
    Height1524mm (5')
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    - Round Top
    - Planed all round
    - Premium Quality Scandinavian Redwood
    - Pressure treated with 15 Year Guarantee - details in downloads tab below

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    If you need help to work out what you need for your screening project, please get in touch.
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