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    10 Decking Design Ideas
    If you're looking to install decking you may be curious as to which decking design is the right one for you and your garden. Read more to find out.
    A Basic Guide To Decking Maintenance
    Here we explore the importance of maintaining your deck, how to care for different types of decking material, and provide you with some valuable advice to keep your outdoor space in top condition.
    The Different Types of Hot Tub Decking
    When it comes to turning your garden into a sanctuary of relaxation and entertainment, the addition of a hot tub is at the top of the list for many, but have you thought about hot tub decking?
    Maintaining Slip-Resistant Decking: Dos and Don'ts
    Read more for some suggestions on how to maintain your slip-resistant decking.
    Modern Composite Decking Inspirations for Small Gardens
    Composite decking can be a great addition to a small garden. In this blog we offer some suggestions on how to use composite decking within a small garden.
    The Pros and Cons of Timber Fencing Types
    In this blog post we discuss some pros & cons of timber fencing.
    How To Paint Your Garden Fence

    Are you looking for easy ways to add some life to your garden? One of the most appealing yet easiest ways to revitalise your garden is to paint your garden fence. Many homeowners are often focused on landscaping designs and garden ornaments that they often overlook the wonderful impact a well mainta...

    Top 6 Decking Ideas for Small Gardens

    When dealing with limited outdoor space, exploring decking ideas for small gardens can really help you utilise your space better than you previously thought possible. With what you learn, you can easily maximize your garden's potential.

    Garden decking ideas are essential for this process and can he...

    How to Clean Composite Decking: Our 5-Step Approach
    In this article, we offer some suggestions on how to keep your composite decking clean.
    The Postsaver Roadshow, 27th Feb 2023
    On Monday 27th February 2023 we welcomed some of the team from Postsaver to our yard.