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Reclaimed Sleepers

Reclaimed Sleepers have many uses. They can be found in hardwood and softwood, they are pressure treated in traditional creosote, to ensure they have a long working life. We keep large quantities of Grade A Reclaimed Sleepers in stock. Grade A is the top grade for a reclaimed sleeper.

They have bolt holes where the tracks were once attached and a small amount of damage or slight wane is acceptable on one edge. They are sound, free from rot and can be used for stacking, building retaining walls and many other uses where a straight edged appearance is necessary.

Reclaimed creosote treated sleepers are dirty to touch and usually have tar on them which tends to ooze a little on hot days, they also give off a strong smell of creosote. If you find these characteristics off putting then Garden Sleepers or Oak Sleepers may be a better option for you. Reclaimed Sleeper size does vary slightly from one load to the next, depending on where we have sourced them from.

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