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    BZP heavy steel washers.
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    BZP heavy steel washers.

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    Hole Diameter (mm)10
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    Picture of 47mm EASY FIX PANEL CLIP


    We stock a selection of different clips for fixing panels to posts. The U clips must be fitted to the post first & the panel slotted in after the U clips are secure. The easy fix clips can be fitted to the panel first and then secured to the post, eliminating the need to lift the panel up high and slot it in. If you are not sure which size clip you need, please contact us.
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    Picture of M10 X 150 THUNDER BOLT

    M10 X 150 THUNDER BOLT

    Thunder bolts are used to fix into concrete, brick, wood, marble and stone.
    Simply drill the correct sized hole for the chosen bolt and tighten with an impact driver, socket or spanner. The bolt will tap its own thread into the hole, no plug or resin needed!
    Thunderbolts can also be removed if required.

    For M8, drill an 8mm hole & tighen with a 15mm socket.
    For M10, drill a 10mm hole & tighten with a 17mm socket.
    For M12, drill a 12mm hole & tighten with a 19mm socket.
    £1.70 incl VAT
    Picture of 7.5 X 152mm MASONRY SCREW

    7.5 X 152mm MASONRY SCREW

    Masonry screws are used for fixing into concrete, brick and stone. Simply drill a 6mm hole into the masonry and tighten the screw with a T30 (Torx) bit using an impact driver, drill or electric screwdriver. The screw will tap its own thread into the hole, no plug or resin needed!
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    Picture of 10.0 x 330mm IRWIN MASONRY DRILL BIT

    10.0 x 330mm IRWIN MASONRY DRILL BIT

    These Irwin masonry drills bits are designed for fast and efficient drilling in brickwork, concrete and breeze block, especially with cordless drills. They drill up to 60% faster than competitive drill bits whilst maintaining the same high durability.

    The single flute design ensures faster dust removal for increased drilling speed, with the unique, pressed diamond-ground carbide tip allows for aggressive cutting and the carbide tip design also ensures 20% longer life compared to previous Irwin masonry drill bits. The bits are made with a chrome vanadium body with high carbon content which allows more hardening and a stronger bit for maximum rupture strength.

    Irwin Masonry Drill Bit for Cordless Drills.

    Diameter: 10.0mm.
    Total length: 330mm.
    Working Length: 280mm.
    £8.64 incl VAT