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    Standard Overlap Panel 1829mm (6')

    A sturdy yet affordable Overlap Panel which is built to last.

    - 6' wide x 6' high (1829mm wide x 1829mm high)
    - Fully pressure treated panels
    - Nailed construction
    - Waney-edge, horizontal, sawn-finish slats
    - Five vertical battens one side and three vertical battens on the other side (approx. 16 x 38mm)
    - Framed top and bottom on one side (approx. 18 x 50mm)
    - Finished and protected with a top capping strip
    - Manufactured in the U.K.
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    £31.96 Inc. VAT
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    Introducing the 6' (H) x 6' (W) Standard Overlap Panel - Pressure Treated Green: Affordable Resilience for Lasting Elegance.

    Elevate your outdoor surroundings with our exceptional 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Green Standard Overlap Panel. Beyond its affordability, it's a symbol of unwavering strength and endurance. Crafted to blend economic sensibility with lasting fortitude, this panel is the answer to your desire for reliable fencing that doesn't compromise on quality.

    Key Features:

    Built to Endure: Discover a fusion of value and quality. Our Standard Overlap Panel is fortified with fully pressure treated panels, ensuring steadfast defense against nature's forces. It's an investment in a fence that's engineered to withstand the trials of time.

    Crafted Precision: The convergence of nailed construction and the rustic allure of waney-edge, horizontal, sawn-finish slats creates an outdoor masterpiece. This thoughtful design doesn't just appeal to the eyes; it's a testament to stability and visual charm.

    Steadfast Support: Fitted with five vertical battens on one side and three battens on the other, this panel is your assurance of unmatched support and integrity. It's not just a fence; it's a guardian of your privacy and the sanctity of your space.

    Elegance in Detail: The framed top and bottom on one side bring more than just aesthetic appeal. They reinforce the panel's structural robustness, instilling confidence that your fence is equipped to confront the challenges of the outdoors.

    Ultimate Protection: Our panels stand as more than just ornaments—they're a testament to resilience. The top capping strip acts as a shield, adding an extra layer of safeguard against the elements, guaranteeing that the panel remains steadfast and visually stunning.

    British Craftsmanship: Proudly crafted in the U.K., our Standard Overlap Panel embodies the exceptional craftsmanship and quality that define products from the region. It's a tribute to the legacy of excellence associated with British-made goods.

    Transform your outdoor haven into a sanctuary of beauty and security with the 6' (H) x 6' (W) Standard Overlap Panel - Pressure Treated Green. Don't settle for less due to budget constraints—choose dependable quality today!


    • Dimensions: 6' wide x 6' high (1829mm wide x 1829mm high)

    • Material: Pressure treated for enduring longevity

    • Construction: Nailed construction for unwavering strength

    • Finish: Waney-edge, horizontal, sawn-finish slats for rustic allure

    • Battens: Five vertical battens on one side, three battens on the other

    • Framing: Framed top and bottom on one side for heightened durability

    • Protection: Finished and shielded with a top capping strip

    • Origin: Crafted with pride in the U.K.

    Upgrade your outdoor aesthetic without compromise. Get your 6' x 6' Standard Overlap Panel today and experience the ideal blend of affordability, dependability, and style!

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    Products specifications
    Shape of topFlat
    TreatmentPressure Treated
    Width1829mm (6')
    Height1829mm (6')
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